Game Fishing Koh Tao - It's All About The Ocean

At Ace Marine Expeditions we love everything to do with the sea and we believe that leading by example can change the way others fish. We only use single lines and only take what we will eat. we are hoping to show local fishermen that by giving up the fishing nets and instead just taking out a few tourists they can make much more money. This means that nothing goes to waste as we eat what we catch and release everything we don't eat. We will be running a tag and release programme for any sharks that are accidentally caught to help keep track of local shark populations. By fishing this way local fish numbers will increase benefiting divers and fishermen.

Fish like a rock star on Lucky ACE, our beautiful powerboat - 18,ooo Baht for up to 4 people - Refreshments Included


Lucky ACE has been fully upgraded with state of the art fish finder, fuel sensors, trolling holders, ice boxes, and live bait tank. There simply is no other way to fish in style like this around Koh Tao.

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